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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Will 3d Printing grow post COVID-19 ?

My fellow mates who are into 3d printing industry may have this question.

Let me put my thoughts across....

It is difficult to predict in the form of numbers as to how far the 3d printing industry will grow.

But definitely, there is bad news and good news,

The bad news is that there are few industries like Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Hotel Industry will have a downward trend because of job losses, and suspensions of appraisals.

If we take the example of Automotive, there will be fewer new buyers for a couple of months to years as a four-wheeled passenger vehicle is not an essential item or goods, this will, in fact, impact oil and gas industry in some way, and post COVID-19 people might travel less and may not gather at events and conferences.

Unless there is an economic revival or new policies from the government the businesses across will suffer

The good news is that there are industries like Healthcare, Medical devices, Insurance, Online Meetings application, Agriculture, Organic Products, Pharma, will grow post-COVID-19,

As you know many of 3d printing companies have come together to fight this COVID-19 by developing PPE kits and distributing them to our healthcare warriors who are at the frontline 

3d printing is here to stay and innovation in materials is happening rapidly and hope to see things getting in shape and hope for our economic revival.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Binderjet 3D Printing

The Rise of Binderjet 3D Printing

Sand 3d Printed Mold and Core

At the heart of the difference in technologies: Binder jetting doesn't use heat to create 3D-printed 

objects, and thus making it suitable for a range of materials that selective laser sintering couldn't ever handle, due to the high heat requirements of the technology. In other words, there could be a tremendous opportunity to build out a material portfolio to cater to applications that other 3D printing technologies wouldn't be able to compete against.

What has caused the Rise :

1) Requirements of higher printing speed.

2) Requirements to process various materials.

3) Requirements for more throughput.

4) Binder jetting machines are scalable.

Thanks to Viridis3d for updating about their sand 3d printing solutions.

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